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Where Can One Find a Hard Money Lender in NYC

Hard Money Lender Safe and Secure

Being able to utilize a hard money loan via a proper lender within the NYC area is one of the better ways to purchase your dream home or investment where other options fail you.  It should be quite clear that the traditional function of these loans is to work completely …

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Are Hard Money Lenders Sharks in the Loan Industry?

hard money is not a shark loan

Do You Feel That Getting A Hard Money Loan is Unfair? Can you take a minute out of your day to just imagine how it would be if you had all the cash you required, all of your credit reports with a score of 800+ and every financial institution giving …

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Really? A Loan With No Credit is Possible?

No Credit Loans

Anyone Over the Age of 18 Can Get a Loan with No Credit! If you or someone you know has really bad credit to a point that no financial institution will grant you that loan.  In such a case you will want to get a loans that has zero credit check …

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Getting a C5 Appraisal May Get Loan Declined

Understand C5 Loan Situation

Can a C5 Appraisal Get Your Possible Loan Declined Short answer, heck ya! Long answer, understanding the way C5 rates your residence condition and situation will very easily disqualify your home from securing a proper loan from just about every lender. If you would like to know more, you must …

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Questions To Ask Us When Calling For Your Hard Money Loan

Brooklyn Hard Money

One who is borrowing money is able to secure a Hard Money Loan for their required property that will include a SFR or better known as a Single Family Home that is residential or a Multi Family Dwelling, another common type of loan is for a commercial or simply land. …

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When Needing a Quick Construction Loan Without Credit


Building your dream home will be a fun-filled and a wonderful experience. However, it can be a very long process too! Not to forget, building homes is an expensive venture most people cannot afford to pay for. Are you wondering how to construct a loan without credit? If your credit …

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What is an Un-Bankable Property Type?


It is quite natural to have very big dreams and financial goals! Unfortunately, more than 18 million people in America are unbanked. These individuals don’t have a bank account and more than 51 million citizens are underbanked. Such people use alternate financial services to take care of their monetary needs. …

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Private Money Mortgages as opposed to a Public Lender


Are you trying to improve your business? Do you wish to finance your business like a professional? Are you turned down by conventional lenders? If yes, you should borrow from a private lender! Voila, you read it right! Over the past few years, private lenders have become famous amongst borrowers …

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Preventing a Foreclosure Utilizing a Bridge Loan in New York


Across the globe, foreclosure rates have increased drastically. Things about foreclosure rates can be very alarming. For example, there were around 3000 foreclosure filings in places like Arizona. And, the number of pre-foreclosure cancellations has reduced remarkably. Even with robust economies and properties that are priced above average, foreclosure activities …

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Is a Bridge Finance Loan Right for You


A lot of people ponder if hard money loans are right for them! Indeed, bridge loans alias hard money loans have become very famous in recent times. It is no longer identified as a shady form of lending. Instead, it is both powerful and useful for borrowers. Hard money loans …

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