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Getting a C5 Appraisal May Get Loan Declined

Getting a C5 Loan

Can a C5 Appraisal Get Your Possible Loan Declined

Short answer, heck ya! Long answer, understanding the way C5 rates your residence condition and situation will very easily disqualify your home from securing a proper loan from just about every lender. If you would like to know more, you must contact a residential loan banker to find out if you will be able to keep your loan.

Some of these bank lenders have many other ways they can finance such a C5 residence. They have ways they can figure out a new way to structure the loan with a perfected solution that will fit every individual in their manner.

Most common is a Standard Portfolio ARM which includes the following:
• An 85% LTV with strong borrowers credit reports usually 740 and up Isaac Score
• You must show plenty of reserves to complete necessary repairs and other corrections
• We will need to secure you a professional estimate for repairs the bank will request
• LTV is critical on such loans, we can help with this
• We provide complete Investor or owner-occupant C5 Loan
• Jumbo loans considered up to $5 million at a much better LTVs or with possible more collateral

Another is the ALT-Rehab Loan Program Avail to All Residents of New York
• Up to 95% LTV
• 760 minimum Isaac score for 95% Loan To Value or LTV. Lower Fico will get you less of a loan
• Maximum loan can be up to $750,000
• You need and must show sufficient reserves to complete any types of corrections to the house
• We can hell put together an estimate and itemization of all required corrections
• Please remember that any corrections or repairs mustn’t exceed $90,000 or 20% of the price

Knowing this, will give you a leverage when dealing with a C5 type of situation. Even though it is not something we personally offer here, we will be happy to answer your questions, simple because we care about people in general!

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