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Really? A Loan With No Credit is Possible?

A Simple Way Secure No Credit Mortgage Loan in New York

Anyone Over the Age of 18 Can Get a Loan with No Credit!

If you or someone you know has really bad credit to a point that no financial institution will grant you that loan.  In such a case you will want to get a loans that has zero credit check requirements. From one perspective you can see this as a very attractive offer, though from another you should be expected to pay a much higher interest rate on such a loan.  Think about it, the hard money lender will take full risk, no matter how bad your credit situation is, so even if you applied for a conventional residential mortgage loan and had life issues with your credit such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, late payments, delayed payments, auto repo, all these items put you at super high risk for another mortgage loan.

New York hard money lenders will want to run your credit and will decline your loan, though if come to a place such as ours where we have extensive experience within the NYC area and in New York at broad, you can rest assured that we will not check your credit, rather we will sit with you and talk to you and find a way we can help achieve getting you that residential loan you need.  Your risks mean nothing to us, your bad credit we don’t really care about, we just want to help you secure a property loan, if you live in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC, Bronx, Yonkers, it really does not matter, we can help find the loan that is right for you and that you will get 100% approval on.

If you have questions about such a program, feel free to reach out to us, we will answer the phone within the first few rings and get right at you!

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