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Residential and Commercial Hard Money Loans and Bridge Loans

Real estate investments are identified as a lucrative avenue for increasing your wealth! Indeed, it is a great way to inject creativity and diversity into your profile. There are plenty of real estate trusts and crowdfunding opportunities to help you with passive investments. If you are unable to purchase a property with upfront cash, hard money loans will be very helpful. When compared against traditional forms of financing, hard money loans are beneficial (with some potential downsides).

All About Hard Money Loans Yonkers

In general, residential hard money represents real estate financing. It is a non-bankable loan that can be used on single family or duplex properties. A lot of people interchange residential hard money loans with bridge loans, private loans and no-doc loans. To bag a residential hard money loan, you should have sturdy assets. After all, the final decision of loan approval depends on the borrowers’ assets. If you plan properly, you can use residential real estate investments as a collateral for the transaction. In most cases, residential hard money loans can be closed quickly (less than 4 days). This is a major reason behind the fame of Hard Money Loan Yonkers.

Here are few places where residential hard money loans are appropriate:
1) For borrowers with poor credit scores
2) Unpaid items, judgements and tax liens
3) For borrowers who need immediate funding
4) For property repositioning
5) For borrowers with time constraints and quick closing
6) To avoid foreclosure and to take care of complex loans with several pieces of collateral

Benefits of Bridge Loans Yonkers

Just like conventional loans, bridge loans have different rates of return. The final rate of return depends on many factors like how much you invest, the duration and if you are an accredited borrower. Bridge loans Yonkers will give you the freedom to pay a minimum of 6% to a double-digit maximum. Of course, the return rate depends on the amount agreed by the borrower and the lender. According to experts, the final rate of return depends on the borrower’s experience and the profitability of the project.

Here are few benefits of bridge loans Yonkers:
1) Collateralization becomes very easy with bridge loans. Investments are carefully secured against promising real estate properties.
2) Borrowers will be able to make predictable, proven rates of profit without being held up for several years.
3) Bridge loans are controllable. They are secure, direct and simple! These loans can protect both the lender and borrower.

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