BRIDGE LOANS NEW YORK is the perfect solution to gap your current loan situation and grab some quick cash to finish your project, while paying it back at you leisure.  It is important to note and understand, that getting a Bridge Loan will require you to pay a higher amount of interest rates then a conventional loan.  This is good because it comes in handy where conventional lenders will refuse providing you with an approval.  The bridge loans New York is a simply process that requires no credit checks or income verification at all.  Contact us today, and let us further explain how we can be of assistance in your current real estate projects.

Overall Understanding Of A Bridge Loans New York for Our Locations

What one should know is that a “bridge loan” is pretty much a short term loan taken out by a borrower towards a property to finance the purchase of a current or older property

One may have heard the term swing loan, gap financing, or interim financing, though they all mean the exact same thing, simply said, bridge loan.  A bridge loan under normal circumstances is good for a six month period though it could easily be extended for longer than that. The interest rates on a bridge loan varies, depending on the property type, location, and other factors.

Bridge loans New York are generally taken out when a borrower wants to upgrade their current residence, though still have their current home and are stuck in between where the normal bank financing will not lend due to max credit risk.  A bridge loan simply said “bridges the gap” between the time the old property is sold and the one that is being planned to purchase now is complete.

Home Buying Contingencies

When one looks carefully into a purchase contract, you will notice the many contingencies allowing a buyer to agree to these terms within the contract but only if specific actions take place.  A good example of such is when a potential buyer will decide not to go through with a purchase of a new property that they are currently under contract with, unless their first house is sold first.  In turn, what this does, is it gives the purchaser special protection in case someone else purchases their house, or lets say that there is no one else that will purchase that property with the terms that are outlined within the contract.

In such a case when the one selling the property refuses to accept the purchasers contingency then a bridge loan will be the only way to get proper financing on the new home, unless they could get the cash elsewhere.

Understanding How A Bridge Loan Works?

There are many ways one can properly structure a bridge loan.  One way is to have in pay off a current lien on a property one might own, in full, and another one is to have it act as a secondary loan on a current lien/property.  In this case, the bridge loan will pay off any other liens that may be on that specific property and you can use the rest of the money left over towards a down payment of a new property or home.  Understanding this, the bridge loan is then opening and operating just like a second or other type of mortgage and will be specifically used for your down payment of that property.

Going with the original solution, you will not make any monthly payments on the bridge loan you have acquired, though you will simply make consistent mortgage payments on your new purchase.  The good thing about this is that once you are able to sell your older home, you can then move forward and fully pay off the bridge loan without payment any penalties whatsoever so long the contract is seasoned.

Going with the last option will require you to make the payments on your older mortgage in addition to the new mortgage that is on this home, what this will do is pretty much stretch your overall budget.  In such a case you want to assure that one that chooses this option can make those payments for at least 12 months if that is the term of your bridge loan agreement.

One Must Understand That Bridge Loans New York Can Be Risky At Times

If you ask around, most people that heard of a bridge loan will tell you that it is a risky proposal, the reason for that is because the interest rate is much higher on a bridge loan than conventional financing, and who is to say that you will be able to sell the older home in time?  For this reason a worry on some minds call such a loan a risky one.  One tends to happen in many cases that the one assuming the loan may not need to pay any interest whatsoever for the remaining months of that loan taking into account that the house is old prior to the term of when the bridge loan expires or is over.  Just assured that the loan is fully seasoned to avoid any penalties of early pay off.


Contacting us to get you the proper bridge loan for your needs is your best bet.  We are very well trained and educated, we have all the proper resources, and can get you to close quickly.  Hard Money Loans Brooklyn is your New York solution for any bridge loan type you may need, for whatever circumstance you are in.  Simply give us a call today at: 718-889-1041 or contact us here.  We look forward to helping you succeed in granting you the loan you need.